Fly Fishing for Salmon & Trout in Spain

My New Fishing Guide

The Silver Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Salmon, Trout & Trout fishing in Asturias

The Sella River

is now available

Fly fishing for Salmon and Trout in Spain and elsewhere, can be expensive. Or so I thought until I discovered Asturias in Northern Spain. In Asturias, you can fish for Salmon, Trout and Sea Trout for the price of a €17 annual licence! If you wish, you can pay a lot more to fish exclusive beats but why do so when the adjacent beat is included in your licence at no additional cost.  There is also the anomaly that the beat you are paying €100 to fish for the day, may be fished at no extra charge from Friday to Sunday. There are of course also Restricted Beats where you always need an extra Permit to fish and Closed Beats where fishing is prohibited.  It is purely a case of understanding the rules as to where, when, and how you can fish.

It is the aim of my fishing guide to explain the complex fishing rules in a simple manner and makes it easy to identify those beats of the river where you can fish without additional cost. During the main Season, apart from Monday and Thursday when fishing is prohibited, you can fish every day if you follow the simple rules in this Guide.

You will even learn that the ‘No Fishing’ rule for Thursdays is waived if it happens to be an official holiday or Fiesta. You can also fish on a Monday if you choose a Catch and Release section of water or fish one of the stocked reservoirs. You can, of course, choose to fish the Restricted Beats where the Fishing Authority kindly provides permits especially for tourists, but at additional cost. Over the years, when visiting new fishing locations, especially where I do not speak the language, I have found difficulty in understanding the fishing rules or finding the best locations to fish. It has been necessary for me to seek the assistance of a local guide for a day or two when Fly fishing for Salmon and Trout in Spain and in other countries.

The Silver Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Salmon, Trout & Sea Trout fishing in Asturias – The River Sella, aims to:

            Make it easy for you to:

  • Understand the local Fishing Regulations including
    • when, where and how you can fish without extra cost,
    • or where you must obtain an additional Permit.
  • How to obtain your Fishing Licence on-line and
    • understand where to obtain an additional Permit if you prefer to fish exclusive reserves.
  • Identify the various Beats of the River, access points and car parking
    • using ninety-five illustrations, photographs, satellite images and GPS coordinates to facilitate this.
  • Understand the local fishing culture, gastronomy, and places to stay during your holiday.

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