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DIY Fly Fishing Line Sink paste
The Silver Fly Fisherman suggests making it yourself

A Tip from the Seventies

 Make your own Leader Sink Paste

We Fly Fisherman spend good money on commercially made Dry Fly Floatant and ‘Leader Sink Paste’, to degrease our leader and tippet, thus ensuring that our fly leader sinks quickly. Why not consider using the old methods and make your own? It is far too easy to just buy everything, why not make it and experience the triumph of DIY, as well as having a few more Euros available for those pieces of equipment you cant make yourself.


Fuller’s earth is a fine clay material in powder form, that has the capability to de-colourize oil or other liquids without chemical treatment.  The cost from your local chemist is negligible and a small box will last for years. Just mix a teaspoonful of the powder with washing up liquid until it forms a smooth paste.  Use this paste to keep your leader sinking and when the paste goes solid, just moisten it with water or saliva to make it usable again.

Many fisherman like to add glycerine to the mixture because it helps to keep the paste moist.  I have never done this, preferring that the mixture solidifies a little.

Make your own:  Dry Fly & Line Floatant

Now that you can make your own fly-line degreaser, learn how to make your own DIY Dry Fly & Line Floatant! 

Before you know it, you will be tying your own flies having learnt that Fly Fishing and catching with your own flies and equipment is especially rewarding.

Tight Lines

John, the Silver Fly Fisherman & Author

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