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Car Roof – Fly Fishing Rod Carrier

Why do I need a rod carrier? Like many fly fisherman, I like to have my fly rod ready for use.  I set up at the start of the season and break it down when the season ends. At my summer fishing base I store my rods, ready for use, on pegs, under cover. however, there have been problems when travelling by car.  Carrying a fly rod inside a vehicle can be inconvenient, therefore, a rod carrier is important.

Make a rod carrier yourself

I searched for a commercially available car roof rod carrier but was disappointed with those available. They were expensive and did not fulfil my requirements.  The rod(s) should be protected from damage and be completely held captive whilst underway. The option of being secured with a lock whilst parked outside a Pub or Gasthaus during a lunch break is also desirable.  Not having found a suitable carrier, I decided to make one myself! I already had a roof rack for my BMW E35, so decided to adapt it.

 I looked at the problem and came up with a solution that was cheap and very easy to implement.  The parts were readily available in any DIY Superstore. With just simple tools I made a fly rod carrier that has served me well for the complete season!  

All you need is:

  • A basic car roof rack (two lateral struts)
  • Two metal pipe clips (per rod)
  • A section of hollow foam pipe cladding (per rod)
  • Retaining strop or cable.
  • Suitable nuts and bolts

Fit two metal pipe clips to the roof rack using nuts and bolts which slide into the retaining groove. Then partially slit the hollow section of pipe cladding to allow room for the fly line and insert it into the pipe clips.  You will need to add a security strop to ensure that the rod(s) cannot dislodge from the holder whilst underway.  Adding a small lock permits added security whilst leaving the rod in place for short periods whilst away from the vehicle, but is not recommended for overnight use.

I fitted two-rod carriers, with a lock, for less than €20!

Tight Lines

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