An Average Fly-Fisherman

Having been avidly fly fishing for more than forty plus years, why do I consider myself just an ‘average fly fisherman?’ That is a very easy question to answer, it is because I am not technically perfect at any part of the sport. My casting is sufficient for my needs and allows me to catch fish in most scenarios, however, an expert would certainly find fault with my technique. This worries me, not in the least, because I am continually improving. For me, Fly Fishing is a learning process, every time I go out to the river or lake, I learn something new. Am I ‘set in my ways’, perhaps a little, I like to use my favourite AFTM: 5# rod and floating line and despite having at least 200 flies in my fly vest, I tend to use my five favourites. Only if they are not working for me do I fall back on ‘the knowledge’ and pick flies that are more suitable.

Being just an average fly fisherman, I have learnt from experience what works and what does not. When it comes to equipment, I have made many mistakes, often just going for the cheapest option, only to remedy the situation at a later time. Therefore, with my advancing years, I feel able to recommend equipment and tactics for fishing various types of waters, based on my costly experiences rather than because I am an expert in a particular field of fly fishing.

I will be writing regular Blogs about my past experiences whilst waiting patiently for the season to commence, when I can Blog about current fishing trips.  I will also be reviewing some equipment and providing a few Top Tips.

A Tip from the Seventies: 

We Fly Fisherman spend good money on various substances to make our leader sink or float, why not consider using the old methods i.e

Fuller’s earth is a fine clay material in powder form, that has the capability to de-colorize oil or other liquids without chemical treatment.  The cost from your local chemist is negligible and a small box will last for years. Just mix a teaspoonful of the powder with washing up liquid until it forms a smooth past and put it in a small container.  Use this paste to keep your leader sinking and when the paste goes solid, just moisten it with water or saliva to make it usable again.

Tight Lines from the Silver Fly Fisherman

About the Author

I started Fly Fishing in the mid-seventies on the Wiltshire Avon, and was very lucky, as a member of HM Forces, to be able to fish the stretch owned by the Services Dry Fly Fishing Association (SDFFA) and managed by the famous Frank Sawyer. That remarkable chalk stream, brought to life by Frank Sawyer, taught me that fly fishing has all of the elements associated with hunting game, and far from being a sedentary sport, just sitting and waiting on the river bank, you are mobile, stealthily hunting your fish, in some of the most beautiful scenery that it is possible to image. I have been very lucky to have fished in some amazing places, and the reason that I started this Blog, was to share my experiences, an an 'average fly fisherman' with others, particularly those just getting started in this, the most rewarding of all types of fishing.